Saturday, December 31, 2011

Welcome Twenty Twelve (Happy New Year 2012)

Dearest ones, this time no sketching in this post. My apology for that. I was quite busy in other stuffs so did not get chance to portray any. Anyway no issues, I will try to entertain you with my poetry in this post. And sketching in next post for sure, most probably in next year 2012. This year 2011 has come to its end. Therefore, time has come to remember all ups and downs came through out the year, to analyse good and bad happened and nevertheless, to wish our close for their success, peace and prosperity for new year 2012. Though we should not wait for new year to come for caring our well wishers. But year end just remind us that 12 months have gone by and next cycle is gonna begin. So if we have forgotten our close who love you and care for you or have done something wrong unknowingly then this is the time to beg an apology for that and wish them a great success and peace from bottom of your heart. Apologizing and forgiving someone always render solace to the other side. So we should always grab that solace whenever we come across such situation.

I have just woven few events in my poetry. or you could say a small bulletin for 2011 in a poetic way.

ये ल्लो गुजरे बारह महीने या कह लो एक साल
कुछ लम्हे मायूसी भरे थे, कुछ कर गए धमाल

काले धन की गुत्थी सुलझाने 'रामदेव' पढ़ते पहाड़े
भ्रष्टाचार जड़ उन्मूलन में 'अन्ना' खुले आम दहाड़े

'धोनी' की अगुवाई में भारत बना विश्व विजेता
मांगत मांगत शतक 'सचिन' सें थक गए दर्शक श्रोता

बूढ़े भी जोशीले हो गए देख 'बुड्ढा होगा तेरा बाप'
'केबीसी' को गगन छुआने में सफल रहे 'अमिताभ'

रचा इतिहास 'ममता' ने बंगाल की राजनीति में
'सिब्बल' से नेताओं ने कसर न छोड़ी कूटनीति में

'ओझल' की एक एल्बम आई और कुछ खास मुलाकातें
'अमिताभ' से मुंबई में, 'कलाम' से दिल्ली में अहम् बातें

कभी विस्फोट कभी धरने कभी लगतीं रहीं आग
शुकूं का जीवन कहाँ भला, बस पड़ी है भागम भाग

जो गुजरा जैसा गुजरा अच्छा था अच्छे के लिए
यही सोचना बेहतर होगा मन शांति सेहत के लिए

तुम सब मेरे दिल में बसे और मैं आपन के दिल में
ये स्नेह यूँही बढ़ता रहे, आने वाली नयीं सालन में

Once again hearty wishes for this new year 2012. May this year brings you love, affection, happiness, peace, prosperity, success and all whatever you are wishing. May God bless you with an excellent health to happily victimize these all !

Now time to say Good Bye to year 2011 and bye to you all. I will join you all after 1 year i.e. 2012 :)

Best Regards to All My Loved Ones,
Atul Ojhal

Friday, November 11, 2011

Meeting with former President of India A.P.J.Abdul Kalam

Ahh...most awaited dreamy moments came true on 09th Nov when I met honorable real hero of our nation former President of India A.P.J.Abdul Kalam. I completed his portrait last year only and posted on my blog too. But I did not get chance to meet him personally and present my art work. Finally that time came and I got chance to meet him. It was such a nice feeling to hear appreciation from none another than Missile Man of India. I really adore those moments. Few clicks from the meet.

Kalam sahab appreciated the art and commented saying that "your art gives happiness". Thanks a lot Kalam sahab for this appreciation and accepting my art work. May you live longer and keep motivating and inspiring the whole nation. May your dream come true and India become a developed country by 2020. We all are with you in this mission.

For seeing this sketch on my blog. Please click on this below given link.

I will come soon with my new work and next update. Till then good bye and take care all !

Love & Regards,
Atul Ojhal

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Amitabh Bachchan at Age of Two

First of all, my apologies to all sketching lovers and my well wishers for not posting any new portrait for last couple of months. But now wait is over and I come up with my next post with new sketch of none another than Star of Millennium Shri Amitabh Bachchan Ji. I met him this year also on his 69th B'day on 11th October 2011 at Janak, Mumbai. As usual the meeting was superb. He was glad after seeing the effort ! In spite of pain in rib he gave ample amount of time to his well wishers. There was no reluctance at all from his side. After press conference he gave separate time to EF (Extended Family- he call his blog followers). Everyone presented there invaluable gifts to beloved Amitabh Ji.

In last meeting, he gifted me one book. In that book, I found his picture of age of two, the youngest pic available publicly. I thought of sketching this pic in big size and transform into Krishna form. It came out as imagined. The theme behind this portrait was, Aishwarya look at this and give birth of a incredibly talented baby like Krishna who resembles his grandfather. I shared this with Amitabh Ji. He was glad to hear this and promised me, he will show it to Aishwarya. :)

I was in discussion with couple of musicians for my next projects but they were all busy with their tasks. I think I need to wait for some more time to get the big name !

Here are couple of links where you could see me presenting this portrait to Amitabh Ji.

Thanks for your appreciation and wishes through different different medium. I loved them. I will come up with new work soon. Till then good bye from this medium.

Regards, Love & take care all,
Atul Ojhal

P.S.> Many congratulations to Amit Ji for receiving 4th honorary doctorate from Queensland University Of Technology, Australia.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Bismillah Khan (Shahnai Maestro)

So here I am with my next post. A post with a sketch of Shahnai Maestro 'Ustad Bismillah Khan'. Initially he was known with the name 'Qamaruddin'. Later on his Grand father's will, his name was kept 'Bismillah'. 'Bismillah' and his instrument 'Shahnai', both were coupled like moon and moonlight. He only brought this instrument into influence in classical music. For his incredible contribution to Indian classical music he was awarded 'Bharat Ratna', a highest civilian honor in India, in 2001. 'Shahnai' is an instrument which reflects happiness and sorrow in a very distinct manner, can be identified very easily by anyone. And he was the master of this art. He sometimes used to ask people, what do you want tears in your eyes or a lovely smile on your face and the result also used to be as asked. That effective, his performance used to be always. He concentrated only on 'Shahnai' and played for almost 8 decades.

While sketching him I also wanted the same effectiveness in his sketch. You could see his expressions while playing 'Shahnai'. Hope I could draw my imagination on sheet. He wrote his name in Golden Letters in Hindustani classical music and I wrote his name in my sketch in gold like beautiful shiny language 'Urdu', his mother tongue. He passed away in 2006 but he is still living in millions of people all around the world. Though we all have to leave this world one day, a only truth of life but his soul is immortal and can be felt in his music today too. I composed a poetry on this life's phenomena sometime ago. Sharing you few lines from the same below:

"ना रहता कोई निशाँ इंसानों का धरा पर, बस रह जाता उनकी यादों का बसेरा है
अन्धकार के नौ माह, प्रकाश में जीवन उतार चढाव के संग, फिर वही अँधेरा है "

I might give an update on my next music album in my next post. Till then good bye. May God bless you all !

Best Regards to All My Loved Ones,
Atul Ojhal

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Anna Hazare- A face of our fight against corruption

Anna Hazaare, a social activist, adorable human being, die hard working with unfathomable zeal and undoubtedly a reflection of our father of nation Mahatma Gandhi. Frankly speaking, I never heard this name before. But I regretted why I did not ! He is such an admirable person with immaculate soul. I gone through his old work and milestone he achieved and what all he did for common man conspicuously. I was really very much impressed about all his deeds. But I am feeling really bad as he is being simply ignored by the Govt on Lokpal Bill. Though his demands are clean, clear and in favor of common man who has been a hockey ball which is being hit by players one side bureaucrats and the other side ministers. Ball is going to be hit anyway irrelevant to its side at the same time. Anna protested against corruption in India. He wants to bring a system which would work against corruption. Hope Govt agrees to Anna's demands on Lokpal Bill. I composed a poetry on current circumstances in our country and decided to sketch him. Here are few lines on the same.

कोई इस हक के लिए, कोई उस हक के लिए
चहुँ ओर फैली एक अजीब अफ़रा तफ़री है,
जो एक किसी के पीछे, वो भी किसी के पीछे
मालूम किसी को नहीं कौन किसका खबरी है /

स्वतंत्रता पर होती बुदबुदाहट गुलामी की
आवाम के प्रतिनिधि पर होता अत्याचार है,
निस्वार्थ लड़ता लडाई जो केवल गैरों के लिए
उस के साथ भी हो रहा कुटिल व्यवहार है /

भ्रष्टाचार दमन पर होते इस अत्याचार पर
आहत अकेले हम नहीं, शायद पूरा देश है,
कोशिश यही हो, सबको हक मिले जायज
क्यूंकि वही अभियाचना, वही परिवेश है /

I have tried to portray his sacred soul as a true follower and a great worshiper of Gandhi Ji. Anna always fought for common man on good reasons without any selfishness using his weapon of truth and non-violence. Today the entire nation backing him up for accomplishing his dream except people who either extremely inconsiderate and cunning or involved in corruption.

In my sketch, you could see Gandhi ji's embarrassing and crying face which is very rare one. I never saw Gandhi ji's crying face, in fact never heard about it. His face reflects his anger on today's circumstances. He is not at all happy by seeing this happening. I am pretty sure he must be seeing this from heaven. He was an immortal soul and must have got a bliss. But yes, he is inspiring and motivating people for doing such things for human welfare. In intent, he found Anna an appropriate soul for this. A soul which thinks for others, which does for others, which is living only for others. Undoubtedly, Anna is walking on the same track which is built of concrete, made of Gandhi Ji's rules and strong determination, with a lathi of truth and non-violence. Anna ji has recently announced also, he will fight for common man till his death !

I salute you Anna Ji for this initiative. Not only me, the entire nation, from school children, youth brigade to elders. People from street to a palace, all are with you and your campaign. Go Anna Go ! we are with you and wish you for your better health, strong determination and consistent focus on human welfare !

Your comments are most welcome on this sketch. Once again thanks for your invaluable support in promotion of my first music album "Nau Din Mata Ke". Enjoy reading my poetry, watching my sketches and listening my songs ! :) and yes, one of the most awaited movie from our star of millennium Sri Amitabh Bachchan, "Buddha Hoga Tera Baap" is going to be released tomorrow on 1st July. So book your tickets and enjoy his stunts, ride on Harley and super duper dialogues in movie over this weekend.

Love & Regards,
Atul Ojhal

Sunday, May 15, 2011

A.P.J. Abdul Kalam (Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam - A Real Hero of Our Nation)

Such a lovely response from all of you on my first music album "Nau Din Mata Ke" release. Its successfully selling on more than 15 sites all over the world. After releasing it, I have visited more than hundred temples in north India till now in the promotion of my album. You guys might think what kind of promotion this was. So on that I would share my thoughts in last paragraph of this post.

Lets talk about the above sketch. This was my last work of last year 2010. As you could figure out, this sketch is of our 11th president of India 'Bharat Ratna' Mr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. He is, a real not a reel, hero of our nation. I tried to portray his dream on sheet. He is in his depth of his vision in this portrait. I wanted to gift his sketch to him but been pretty busy with my album production I could not get chance to present him.

As every one know about his dream, he wants to see India a developed nation by 2020. This dream might be flowing in most of the Indians mind but very few has that zeal and passion to accomplish this. We are pretty much sure, he could make this happen. I would like to appeal each and every Indian to convey best wishes and full support to him to achieve this mammoth. To know more about him and his current affairs, please visit his official website -

Now time to share my thoughts on my album promotion. The idea was, I wanted those devotees to listen my album first, who could not buy the album. Either they are incapable of paying the amount or lacking internet exposure. All, rich or poor, could listen my songs in temples wherever I offered my CD. I would definitely have got lots of blessings from all the temples. That I could realize later on. Now I am more energetic, motivated, calm and cool after this spiritual tour ! Some places I was offered a 'naariyal', somewhere I was garlanded by priest & from some other temples full bags of 'prasaad'. Tour went really well and been very informative and soul satisfactory. I got chance to visit even those places which have their significance in ancient India. Facts, which are written in puraans and shashtras, are found in those places.

I have kicked off my next project. I will share you all once something is finalized. Your comments are most welcome on his sketch and on my first music album release.

Best Regards to All My Loved Ones!
Atul Ojhal

Saturday, April 9, 2011

My debut music album - Nau Din Mata Ke

First of all my apologies to you all. There is no post in last two months. In fact I did not get chance to sketch also. So there is no new art work in this post. I was busy with my first music album production. It is devotional and dedicated to "Maa Durge". By God grace Its released world wide. It is up and selling on a bunch of sites. Here are the few I am sharing with you all.

For album production details and song's themes, you could visit my another blog site-

Find the best price among all these links and download my album. Do forward this post to your friends and colleagues. Your comment and suggestion are most welcome on my debut album.

In next post, I will try to come with new art work. Till then, enjoy my music work, my devotional album "Nau din mata ke".

Atul Ojhal

Friday, January 28, 2011

Lata Mangeshkar (Maa Saraswati on Earth) is the first post of this year. I had few more options to post with. But I thought of starting this year with Maa Saraswati only. You guys very well know whom I am referring to ! None another than Bollywood Melody Queen Sur Kokila Sri Lata Mangeshakar Ji. She is very well known in India and won Bharat Ratna in 2001 for her tremendous incredible contribution in Hindi Cinema as a playback singer. Lots of information available on her at bunch of sites and in books as well. So, not indulging myself into providing the same.

Actually, this sketch I drew almost a year ago and decided to gift her. I had got the appointment also but at the eleventh hour It could not happen. She had already left to her village when I reached her house in Mumbai. I think my hard luck. There is each and every moment of our lives decided by almighty. So no worries. If it has been written in destiny, I will meet and get her blessings too! As I shared with you all earlier, her sketch had been the most attractive and most demanding art in my first art show, happened couple of months back in Bangalore.

I have not done any new sketch for couple of weeks since I am not getting enough time for the same. Nowadays more focused on music side. Probably in next post, I could share with you all some more updates on my music. Its difficult to work on times when expectations are more from you. You start feeling pressure. But assertively, that's the actual strength which is supporting us, encouraging us to do more and alarming for heeding our objectives.

We lost a great personality, incomparable singer, maestro of classical singing Bharat Ratna Pandit Sri Bhimsen Joshi Ji on 24th of this month. This news spreaded everywhere like a fire in a jungle and whole nation fell in a deep sorrow. May his soul rest in eternal peace ! I approached him last year to gift his portrait. But because of his prolonged illness, could not get a chance to make this happen. I think his blessings was not in my destiny. Anyway, he is no more with us physically, but yes, he is still alive in his songs ! One of his most popular songs, "Mile Sur Mera Tumhara...." will always keep resonating in everyones ears for years.

You all are my energy, my inspiration, my motivation and what could I say more...I think you all are cause to live this life and your invaluable support has made this life more beautiful. My religion is now entertaining you all, with all, what all God has blessed me with ! Keep blessing and wishing me my dearest ones ! My best wishes with you all too !

Your comments are most welcome on her sketch !

Best Regards to all,
Atul Ojhal

PS> If you are willing to buy this art, please click here.