Saturday, December 31, 2011

Welcome Twenty Twelve (Happy New Year 2012)

Dearest ones, this time no sketching in this post. My apology for that. I was quite busy in other stuffs so did not get chance to portray any. Anyway no issues, I will try to entertain you with my poetry in this post. And sketching in next post for sure, most probably in next year 2012. This year 2011 has come to its end. Therefore, time has come to remember all ups and downs came through out the year, to analyse good and bad happened and nevertheless, to wish our close for their success, peace and prosperity for new year 2012. Though we should not wait for new year to come for caring our well wishers. But year end just remind us that 12 months have gone by and next cycle is gonna begin. So if we have forgotten our close who love you and care for you or have done something wrong unknowingly then this is the time to beg an apology for that and wish them a great success and peace from bottom of your heart. Apologizing and forgiving someone always render solace to the other side. So we should always grab that solace whenever we come across such situation.

I have just woven few events in my poetry. or you could say a small bulletin for 2011 in a poetic way.

ये ल्लो गुजरे बारह महीने या कह लो एक साल
कुछ लम्हे मायूसी भरे थे, कुछ कर गए धमाल

काले धन की गुत्थी सुलझाने 'रामदेव' पढ़ते पहाड़े
भ्रष्टाचार जड़ उन्मूलन में 'अन्ना' खुले आम दहाड़े

'धोनी' की अगुवाई में भारत बना विश्व विजेता
मांगत मांगत शतक 'सचिन' सें थक गए दर्शक श्रोता

बूढ़े भी जोशीले हो गए देख 'बुड्ढा होगा तेरा बाप'
'केबीसी' को गगन छुआने में सफल रहे 'अमिताभ'

रचा इतिहास 'ममता' ने बंगाल की राजनीति में
'सिब्बल' से नेताओं ने कसर न छोड़ी कूटनीति में

'ओझल' की एक एल्बम आई और कुछ खास मुलाकातें
'अमिताभ' से मुंबई में, 'कलाम' से दिल्ली में अहम् बातें

कभी विस्फोट कभी धरने कभी लगतीं रहीं आग
शुकूं का जीवन कहाँ भला, बस पड़ी है भागम भाग

जो गुजरा जैसा गुजरा अच्छा था अच्छे के लिए
यही सोचना बेहतर होगा मन शांति सेहत के लिए

तुम सब मेरे दिल में बसे और मैं आपन के दिल में
ये स्नेह यूँही बढ़ता रहे, आने वाली नयीं सालन में

Once again hearty wishes for this new year 2012. May this year brings you love, affection, happiness, peace, prosperity, success and all whatever you are wishing. May God bless you with an excellent health to happily victimize these all !

Now time to say Good Bye to year 2011 and bye to you all. I will join you all after 1 year i.e. 2012 :)

Best Regards to All My Loved Ones,
Atul Ojhal