Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Mother Teresa (Symbol of Peace and Love)

This above sketch I drew for my first art show, happened in Bangalore. I think few of you would have seen this picture in my art show's news in newspapers couple of months back. As you all can recognize it is of Mother Teresa's sketch. I do not need to provide any information on that. She is very well known for spreading peace and love through out the world. She was winner of Nobel Peace prize and India's highest civilian honor Bharat Ratna in 1979 and 1980 respectively. The reason behind sharing this Mother's sketch now in last moments of this year is, welcoming this new year with love and affection among each other in a very peaceful environment under a very caring umbrella.

This post is going to be my last post of this year. This entire year I could maintain only a post every month. Since I was very busy with other stuff too. Apart from this sketching, I was involved in Guitar, Tabla, Keyboard, poetry and song compositions. I spent couple of months on my first devotional album production also as a vocalist, lyricist and song composer. This album I dedicated to "Maa Durge". But because of few unfulfilled technical formalities, it could not be released on its scheduled time. Now I am targeting this release for this coming year 2011. Hope it works out well. Need all of yours blessings and wishes !

In last couple of months, I could get a chance to meet Star of Millennium Sri Amitabh Bachchan ji twice as you could see in my previous posts. I got nice appreciation words on my poetry work as well. If your love and affection always been with me like this then definitely I will try entertaining you all as much as possible with my arts, music and what all God has blessed me with.

Thanks for being with me and sharing your feedback and thoughts on my arts. Your appreciation words are energy for me, which motivate me to go ahead and produce something better and better. And your critics are lessons for me to get rid of with my mistakes. Now ending this post with new year wishes to all.

"Wishing you all a very happy, prosperous, peaceful, fruitful, and lovely New Year 2011 ! May all dreams come true in this new year and give you a wonderful life with full of love, affection and enthusiasm and more !"

Keep passing me your feedback and suggestions. You are most welcome !

My Love and Best Regards to All of You,
Atul Ojhal

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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan (Miss world)

As you all can recognize, it is most beautiful Aishwarya Ji's sketch. No need to provide details on her as she is the most popular actress in Indian Film Industry. I had made this sketch for her birthday. I wanted to gift her on 1st November only. But I was at my native place on Diwali vacation so could not gift on her birthday.

I have been to Mumbai recently on great Hindi poet Shri Harivansh Rai Ji's birthday, 27th November. He is also father of star of millennium Shri Amitabh Bachchan Ji. Amitabh Ji call him 'Babu Ji'. I took one poem for 'Babu Ji' as a birthday present, one poetry for Amitabh Ji himself and one portrait to Aishwarya Ji. She was not in Mumbai that time so I could not gift her through my hand but Amitabh Ji assured me that he would gift her on my behalf. Thank you very much Amitabh Ji for your greatness with simplicity. Below is the snap taken when I was reciting Babu Ji's poetry to him at his house 'Janak' in Mumbai on 27th November.

Guzarish, her latest work, directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali who is a very well known and very successful director in Bollywood. He has already given super duper hits like 'Black', 'Devdas', 'Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam', ... Aishwarya has done excellent job in this movie and same quality performance has come from Hrithik Roshan. My best wishes for the entire team of this movie !!

Your comments are most welcome on her sketch !!

Best Regards to all my loved ones,
Atul Ojhal

Friday, October 15, 2010

Amitabh Bachchan (The Star of Millennium)

This is the second time I have sketched my big friend, my gurudev, my mentor, my inspiration, star of millennium 'Sri Amitabh Bachchan Ji'. Actually, I was supposed to sketch him for my art show happened last month but because of time constraint I could not make it at that time. I decided, I will sketch him for his b'day as a b'day gift. His birthday is a very special day for 'Teji Bachchan' and 'Harivansh Rai Bachchan' for being blessed with adorable dazzling son, a very special day for 'Jaya Bachchan' for being blessed with proud lovable husband, a very special day for 'Abhishek' and 'Shweta' for being blessed with responsible father, a very special day for 'Aishwarya' and 'Nikhil' for being blessed with such a caring in-laws, a very special day for entire Indian film industry for being blessed with incomparable talented actor and obviously a very special day for all Indians for being blessed with such a lovable, charming hero. He is a 'prabhu' for someone, he is a 'pitamah' for someone, someone call him 'gurudev' and a sweet heart for someone. An amazing personality that has ability to attract crowd, that has unique lovely smile, that has unique attractive voice and certainly the greatness with calmness. Words are not enough to write about him.

I met him on his Birthday. I got an appointment scheduled for 11 AM. I started from my friend place around 9:30 AM. I took the cab and asked driver to stop by at bouquet shop. I purchased one lovely bouquet and reached exactly at 11 AM. Oops.. what I see there, a huge crowd were spreading in front of his house 'Prateeksha' gate. After some time, it also started raining heavily! people were getting wet, but who cares! No one moved from his place. I was really mesmerized by seeing devotional feelings towards our hero!.. Just to keep safe Big B's gift (the above sketch) from rain and crowd, I was standing little aside covering sketch with plastic sheet. In few minutes, I got completely drenched. In same condition, I was interviewed by 'Zee News' reporter. After this small chat with media, I see, the rain is slowing down. I tried to reach manager in 'Prateeksha' and asking about my scheduled appointment. He was also helpless because of this big crowd. Very next minute I hear people's scream. It was nothing, all fans could take a glimpse of thier hero, none another than our 'Bachchan' sahab. I dint take any risk to jump into this crowd. Since keeping safe my gurudev's sketch was most important thing for me. After 15 minutes, he leaves the place 'Prateeksha' and headed to 'Jalsa', the other house. you won't believe people were crawling on his car and followed him till 'Jalsa'. But I was waiting there only just to check out my appointment status with manager....he asked me to meet Amit Ji at his office 'Janak' at 1 PM. This was the time for media to interact with 'Bachchan' sahab. I was taken inside the office for presenting the gift. Interview starts in couple of minutes. This was a traditional interview in his own style, like....."arey bhai ab sattar ke ho chale hein...itna sab kuchh yaad nahin rahta" :) .....very down to earth person!.. After the interview, next moments God kept for me. I presented his gift, the sketch. I asked to open up the gift paper and all security persons helped him in removing that. He appreciated my art work in his own style..."bhai kaam to bahut achcha kiya hai"...I was glad to hear his words and replied saying- Thanks Gurudev!....then he asked me.."arey bhai is per kuchh likhna hai kya?"... I said naa naa.."aapke liye hi laaye hein"...and he was very happy to hear this...then he asked me for what else?...I said nothing 'gurudev' only a lovely warm HUG...and yes, he can see that in below given photo..

what a moment this was! ahhh... I had seen this in my dream few days before and came true on this day. It was really an unforgettable moment. I am more energized and motivated after meeting with him. I really appreciate his agility and commitment towards his work on his 68th Birthday. How fresh he was looking at that moment, despite such a hard work and very less sleep! Hats off to you Amit Ji for this! 'AMITABH JI', YOU ARE INCOMPARABLE!!!!!!!!!!!

your comments are most welcome on his sketch!

Best Regards to all my loved ones,
Atul Ojhal

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Zakir Hussain (A Tabla Maestro)

Zakir Hussain, a very well known name in music industry. He is one of the best Tabla player all over the world. He is master of percussion. He started touring in very early stage of life and made a record of most concerts in a calendar year. He married to Antonia Minnecola. She is a kathak dancer and manages Zakir Hussains concerts.

I sketched his sketch for my first art show, happened in Bangalore last month. It was little tricky to sketch Tabla in his sketch. I was not at all in mood to sketch. Then, I took my Tabla and played for two hours. It was an excellent session, definitely a stress buster. After this session, I found myself in a mood to sketch and the good thing was I could easily imagine Tabla. I sat for sketch and could complete Tabla in an very nice experience, a very good example of music therapy. That session gave me a positive energy and consequently the mood...really loved sketching this sketch....

Your comments are most welcome on his sketch. If anyone is interested in his sketch and willing to buy, can ask me for quotation.

Best Regards to all my loved ones, (Ask for quotation)
Atul Ojhal

Thursday, August 26, 2010

My First Art Show

Dear all,

First of all sorry for delaying this post by 2-3 weeks. The reason behind is my sickness. I was not well from last 2-3 weeks. In this post there is no sketch being shared. This time, I am sharing some information on my first art show. After sketching so many biggies, I decided to display them in art galleries. The show is running at "Renaissance Art Gallery" Bangalore. Few of my friends asked me to share the information regarding this show. So friends, here are the news published in news papers or some review sites.

Who all are in Bangalore can visit my show at the location mentioned below. Other can see those sketches on my Facebook profile. (Link to album- )

Renaissance Gallery
# 104, Westminster
13 Cunningham Road
Bangalore - 560 0 52

I will come very soon with next post with new sketch. Till then, good bye and Take care all!!

Best Regards to all my loved ones,
Atul Ojhal

Friday, July 9, 2010

Anu Malik (A Music Director- An Indian Idol Judge)

Anu Malik is a music director in Indian Film Industry. He has given music for more than 250 movies. Nowadays he is judging contestants of Indian Television's very famous talent hunt reality show "Indian Idol". But I argue here on these reality shows. These shows are not at all real instead they are fake.I have been to Mumbai audition this year for Indian Idol-5 and went through very bad experience. I would like to share this reality with all of you.

First of All, my experience says, these reality shows are not at all real. I was participants in Indian Idol this year. I opted Mumbai as audition place. After standing 12 hrs in a queue, we were asked to sit inside the stadium (Andheri sport complex). Once I entered in the stadium, I saw a huge crowd sitting inside. I think, there were mote than 30 to 40 thousand participants in the stadium. The rehearsal was going on for Indian Idol. I was there in stadium for 3 hrs then I was called for an audition. I was placed in a queue for the first round. I entered into room, the lady who was supposed to take first round audition, asked me to sing a song. I started singing "Teri Deewani" from Kailash Kher's album "Kailasha". I just sang only one line, the lady interrupted me and asked me - "Kailash kher ke song ke alaawa kuchh aur gaaiye" OK fine...I started another song....the same story happened then I was asked to move. After 5 minutes, I came to know that I was rejected. Story over...the whole expectation went for toss. One side there was a vexation, frustration and the other side I was laughing on this whole drama. I came out from there and started thinking what to do with this portrait ( I sketched Anu Malik last year on his b'day. The same one took with me). I again went to stadium and reached to camp where some crew members were there. I met Sunidhi Chauhan in that camp...we exchanged few words and she appreciated Anu Ji's sketch. All people in that camp appreciated this portrait. But I got disappointed when I came to know that Anu Ji already left the place. Suddenly, one crew member voluntarily came and asked me to come with him...He directly took me to second round!.. this time no queue, no formality, just because of this portrait!! Ahh.. it was not at all digestible to me. Anyway, I met Abhijeet Sawant, Prajkta sukre, Amit Pal, and few more. I had handshake and hi, hello with everyone. Now the second round turns up...I was asked to sing song...I started "Teri Deewani" won't believe what she said??? she said- "Aap Anu Malik kaa sketch laaye hein aur gaana Kailash kher kaa gaa rahe hein" uuffff... I got shocked completely..I really could not digest this. I understood, its not at all a singing audition show...its something else where people are judging, which song you are singing rather than how are you singing. I was really disappointed and fed up too. Anyway, I gave that sketch to that lady and asked her to give it to Anu Malik. She promised me that she would handover to Anu Ji...I am not sure, Anu Ji got that sketch or not. It was really a very bad experience but at the same time it's a nice learning.

My suggestion to all curious people who all want to become an Indian Idol is to make some relations with Anu Malik or Bollywood biggies rather wasting their time and money simply going in audition. At the same time my appeal to all people who all are involved in organizing this show is to stop playing with emotions of real talent.

Your comments are most welcome on his sketch and the experience what I went through!

Love to all,
Atul Ojhal

Monday, June 7, 2010

Abhishek Bachchan (Abhi - A Bollywood Actor)

Abhishek Bachchan is a Bollywood actor. He is the son of Shahanshah of Bollywood Shri Amitabh Bachchan and actress Jaya Bachchan. He is a proud husband of Miss World "Aishwarya Rai", now known as "Aishwarya Rai Bachchchan". He started his career in slow pace but later on he showed his ability by giving lots of hits on the Box office. "Yuva", "Dhoom" and "Guru" are among them. In my opinion, Guru is the best till now where "Abhi" gave his stunning performance.

He is consistently improving himself and trying to reach his father legendary Amitabh Bachchan's stratum but still he has to show his incomparable performance for achieving the same. Abhishek Ji, its not a easy task but you have that ability and talent for making it possible. I sketched his beard look. He looks really handsome in this look. I sent this sketch to him on his birthday. After few days, I got a comment from one person named "Abhi" using "Anonymous" profile on my blog. I am not sure he is "Abhishek" himself but I am hoping that he only gave feedback on my sketches :) Be positive folks.....I always think positive since my blood group is B+ ...ha ha.. :) .

He has just finished "Raavan" and waiting for this premier which is going to be held in London on 16th of this month. The movie is going to be release on 19th of this month. I am sure, Abhishek is going to rock in this since I have seen some of his pics on Amit Ji's blog ( He had shared few pics from "Raavan" couple of weeks back. Abhishek Ji, Wishing you a great success in "Raavan" and all the best for your future projects !!

Your comments are most welcome on his sketch and wish him a great success in his upcoming movie "Raavan"!!

Best Regards to All My Loved Ones,
Atul Ojhal

Monday, May 31, 2010

Mohammad Azharuddin (A Wristy Batsman)

Azharuddin, a very well known Indian Cricketer, also known as Azhar. He was an excellent batsman and best captain India ever produced. He got a very incredible and flawless batting style. He was so good in wrist flick that he used to play offside shot in onside effortlessly. Now he is a politician, a member of parliament to Lok Sabha from Indian National Congress party.

While sketching him, I remebered his statement, he stated when he quit captaincy. He stated- "Ab Main nahin mera balla bolega" and yes, he did that and hit five half centuries in a tournament. It was really a very graceful and fluid batting style he shown. I met him recently at Mumbai airport. I got a chance to speak to him. He took me very well and did not show me any kind of attitude. I promised him, I will sketch him and gift him in person. I tried to meet him this time in my Delhi trip but somehow could not make it. He was in Calicut and supposed to come to Delhi last week but my hard luck I could not get a chance to gift his sketch. I am in talk with his PA for fixing an appointment with him. Once he fixes I will meet him and gift his sketch to him. I am sharing you all a snap with him below.

Your comments are most welcome on his sketch!!

My best regards to all my loved ones!!
Atul Ojhal

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Jaya Bachchan (Jaya Bhaduri)

Jaya Bachchan ji initially known as Jaya Bhaduri. She studied in Film and Television Institute of India, Pune. After getting married with Amitabh Bachchan, she was known with the name Jaya Bachchan. She is the luckiest woman in the world as far as her spouse popularity and success is concerned. She is a proud wife of the legendary, shahanshah of Bollywood Shri Amitabh Bachchan. She is a proud mother of son Bollywood actor Abhishek Bachchan and daughter Shweta. She was honoured with the "Padam Shri" from government of India in 1992. She is recipient of "Yash Bharati Samman", state's highest award from government of Uttar Pradesh.

Currently, She is MP (Member of Parliament) of Rajya Sabha from Samajwadi Party. I recently sent this sketch to her on her birth day as a birthday gift. Actually she fell sick just before her birthday, having fever and stomach infection. Later on I got to know from BigB's blog ( that she started feeling better on the eve of her Birth day and celebrated her birthday. Wishing Jaya Ji and her family a great success and my best regards to Jaya Ji and Shri Shri Shri Amitabh Ji. I continuously follow Amit Ji's blog and learn a lot from him. A big "Thank You" to Amit Ji for this.

Your comments are most welcome on her sketch!!

Best Regards to all my loved ones,
Atul Ojhal

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Lata Mangeshkar (Didi Ji- A Living Legend)

This is the second time I am writing for this living legend. I have sketched her before and posted on my blog, you all read that and commented too. Thanks to everyone!!

I thought of sketching a big portrait of her young age since people have hardly seen her young look and sending it to her. But sending this much big portrait was not that safe. So I decided to send the small portrait, hence sketched the above one. I kept eyeing on courier status update at courier's site until it was received by Mr Rajesh(manages Lata Ji's office work). Next day, I called up on phone and its been picked up by Mr Rajesh only. I had a nice talk with him and took a sigh of relief when I got to know that sketch has been given to Didi ji (Lata ji is known for this name). Later on, I received a feedback from Lata Ji saying that "sketch bahut achchhi bani hai, aise hi banate rahiye" - "sketch is very good, keep sketching". It was a very nice and strange feeling when I heard these appreciation words from none other than "Sur Kokila Bharat Ratna Lata Mangeshkar Ji".

I have sketched one more portrait of her and now waiting for the moment when I meet her in person and touch her feet and get her blessings. I recently been to Mumbai and went to Lata Ji's house but my hard luck I could not meet her. She left to her native place a day before. Anyway next time, there is a time for everything. We should keep doing our work having hope for the best. Lord Krishna also said in Geeta Updesh-
"Karmanye Vadhikaraste Ma Phaleshu Kadachana,
Ma Karma Phala Hetur Bhurmatey Sangostva Akarmani"

Always do your best without expecting the results and you will be happy.
Your comments are most welcome on her sketch!!
Best regards to all my loved ones,
~Atul Ojhal

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Anil Kumble (A Cricket Legend)

Anil Kumble, the former captain of Indian Test cricket team, born in 17 Oct 1970 in Bangalore. His full name is Anil Radhakrishna Kumble. Kumble was the only bowler after Jim Laker who took 10 wickets haul in a test inning in 1999 whereas the other one achieved this in 1946. Kapil dev took 9 wickets in one test inning in 1983 in Ahemdabad but he could not make the "Perfect Ten".

I remembered the match which was being played between India and Pakistan at Ferozshah Kotla Delhi. The day was 8th of February 1999, exactly 11 years before. I completely lost into memories...... I switched on my TV, the score was 101 with out loss. They were looking really strong and chasing a wining total of 422. The skipper Azharuddin gave ball to Anil Kumble and Sahid Afridi was on strike. Kumble strikes and Mongia the wicket keeper takes Afridi's catch on his second ball. Pakistan loses first wicket. Ijaz Ahmed on strike and he was given LBW on very next ball. Now Kumble on Hat trick but he couldn’t convert it, Inzamam simply places the ball in his own style. Score had reached to 115/2. Yosuf yohana got dismissed and thats the number four for Anil Kumble. Next Moin Khan on strike and Saurabh Ganguli did not do any mistake in taking that difficult catch. Just three runs had increased in score card and their Opening batsman Sayeed Anwar was caught on Short Leg. Ufff...what was happening on the ground, wickets were falling like leaves fall from trees in spring season. Now, the only recognized batsman left in team, Basim Akram, the captain from opponent side, on strike. He was looking very confident since he hit few consecutive boundaries in Harbhajan's over. Akram and Salim Malik on crease now. Two legends were on commentary Sunil Gavaskar and Ravi Sashtri. “Kumble strikes once again” and again “terrific bowling” only these words were coming very frequently from both the legends. What was happening in the ground??? Are the players going out to show their faces only to fans or they forgot to play cricket itself...these kind of questions were roaming around into my buds, that day was Anil's day and he was really terrific that day. Suddenly, I heard some stumps knock...ohh I see Salim on the way to Pawallion, the number 7 to Anil. Mustaq Ahemad tried to defend the ball and could not get it properly and been caught by Rahul Dravid at short leg. Anil had picked up the number 9 in form of Saqlain Mustaq. Now Anil was only 1 short to clean sweep the entire Pakistan team alone and on hat trick in second time in this match but Akaram defends somehow. He could not be saved himself for a long time and very next ball Akaram also been caught at short leg. Anil had become the first Indian bowler and second after Jim in world cricket to capture all the 10 wickets in an innings. India had won the match with big margin. Hats off to you Anil!!

Memories are always to be remembered and this was the unforgettable one. I started thinking of portraying this legend and implemented the "Perfect Ten" idea in his sketch. The idea is, the legend eyeing on his own record and trying to do it once again, may be in IPL. All the best for this year IPL!!
Your comments are most welcome on his sketch!!

Namaskar and best regards to all my loved ones!!

~Atul Ojhal

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sai Baba (Shirdi Sai with OM)

It is stated that Sai Baba was born in a Brahmin family. In infancy Baba was supposed to have been deserted by his parents. Baba says that a fakir found the child and took him to home. After the fakir’s death, the child was taken over by a zamindar of selu who brought up this child in the historical evidence supporting this theory, and Shri Sai Baba himself is not known to have confirmed it. On the contrary, the saint’s own utterances about his origin were pregnant with innuendoes hinting at his supernatural emergence into the world. All that is historically known is that Sai Baba first came to Shirdi when he was an age of 16, and lived there for about 4 years. Then suddenly he disappeared for some time, and after a lapse of 4 years returned to Shirdi round about the year 1859. According to this, Sai born in 1835. After that he resided in the place of his choice for an unbroken period of sixty years until he attained mahasamadhi in 1918.

The Hindus thought him to be an Avatar God "Ram'; the Muslims said he was a Pir sent by Allah to liberate men. He always walked, talked, and laughed with his many devotees. He loved fun, and loved to poke fun at the discrepancies of human nature, but his sallies were always tempered with tenderness.He called himself a fakir and on his lips reverberated constantly the incantation ‘Allah Maalik’, 'Sabaka Maalik ek Hai' . But, Then he called himself a pure Brahmin too, and showed a remarkable proficiency in all yogic practices.

The 15th of October of the year 1918 was a sorrowful and fateful day for the little village of Shirdi. On Tuesday the 15th of October at about 2.30 PM the beloved Master suddenly breathed his last. Sai Baba released his breath and let his head fall gently on the shoulders of a near disciple. The last words that he uttered were that he should be taken to an adjoining wada as he did not feel well in the masjid. But hardly were these words out of his mouth when the Saint of Shirdi passed away. Sai Baba is more alive today to his bhaktas than he was years ago when he lived in Shirdi. If you want to know more about Sai Baba, please go through To know my experience while sketching Sai Baba, please continue reading...

It was really a great and an unforgettable experience sketching Sai baba. I felt myself very lucky since I got a chance to portray a divine soul. People believe that Baba had performed lots of miracles. Even I had to believe when I also realized one. Sai with OM, this idea actually was an instinct from Sai baba only. I would like to share my experience to all my loved ones. I completed his sketch in afternoon. In night, once I closed my eyes, I saw Baba's face, obviously the same what I sketched but it was surrounded with OM. The whole night I could not sleep and was desperately waiting for the dawning. So many thoughts were coming into my mind and I was floating among them. Sometimes I see Shirdi temple, the next moment I see the Neem tree where Baba used to sit for meditation and the other moment I see Dhuni kund. The whole night had gone with open eyes just dreaming all these. The next day had started, I left couch, took the sketch and started implementing the idea given by Baba himself. By God grace and Baba's blessings, it came out really well. This Divine soul's sketch first touched my soul and heart. The next minute I saw, my eyes became wet with full of tears. In fact, I did not realize that when they started coming out? Those tears were not sign of any kind of sadness but actually they were sign of a strange happiness which I never felt before. I would heartily want this sketch did go to each and every devotee's heart where all Baba lives.

Your comments are most welcome on Baba's sketch!

Love to all,

~Atul Ojhal