Thursday, August 26, 2010

My First Art Show

Dear all,

First of all sorry for delaying this post by 2-3 weeks. The reason behind is my sickness. I was not well from last 2-3 weeks. In this post there is no sketch being shared. This time, I am sharing some information on my first art show. After sketching so many biggies, I decided to display them in art galleries. The show is running at "Renaissance Art Gallery" Bangalore. Few of my friends asked me to share the information regarding this show. So friends, here are the news published in news papers or some review sites.

Who all are in Bangalore can visit my show at the location mentioned below. Other can see those sketches on my Facebook profile. (Link to album- )

Renaissance Gallery
# 104, Westminster
13 Cunningham Road
Bangalore - 560 0 52

I will come very soon with next post with new sketch. Till then, good bye and Take care all!!

Best Regards to all my loved ones,
Atul Ojhal

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