Friday, July 9, 2010

Anu Malik (A Music Director- An Indian Idol Judge)

Anu Malik is a music director in Indian Film Industry. He has given music for more than 250 movies. Nowadays he is judging contestants of Indian Television's very famous talent hunt reality show "Indian Idol". But I argue here on these reality shows. These shows are not at all real instead they are fake.I have been to Mumbai audition this year for Indian Idol-5 and went through very bad experience. I would like to share this reality with all of you.

First of All, my experience says, these reality shows are not at all real. I was participants in Indian Idol this year. I opted Mumbai as audition place. After standing 12 hrs in a queue, we were asked to sit inside the stadium (Andheri sport complex). Once I entered in the stadium, I saw a huge crowd sitting inside. I think, there were mote than 30 to 40 thousand participants in the stadium. The rehearsal was going on for Indian Idol. I was there in stadium for 3 hrs then I was called for an audition. I was placed in a queue for the first round. I entered into room, the lady who was supposed to take first round audition, asked me to sing a song. I started singing "Teri Deewani" from Kailash Kher's album "Kailasha". I just sang only one line, the lady interrupted me and asked me - "Kailash kher ke song ke alaawa kuchh aur gaaiye" OK fine...I started another song....the same story happened then I was asked to move. After 5 minutes, I came to know that I was rejected. Story over...the whole expectation went for toss. One side there was a vexation, frustration and the other side I was laughing on this whole drama. I came out from there and started thinking what to do with this portrait ( I sketched Anu Malik last year on his b'day. The same one took with me). I again went to stadium and reached to camp where some crew members were there. I met Sunidhi Chauhan in that camp...we exchanged few words and she appreciated Anu Ji's sketch. All people in that camp appreciated this portrait. But I got disappointed when I came to know that Anu Ji already left the place. Suddenly, one crew member voluntarily came and asked me to come with him...He directly took me to second round!.. this time no queue, no formality, just because of this portrait!! Ahh.. it was not at all digestible to me. Anyway, I met Abhijeet Sawant, Prajkta sukre, Amit Pal, and few more. I had handshake and hi, hello with everyone. Now the second round turns up...I was asked to sing song...I started "Teri Deewani" won't believe what she said??? she said- "Aap Anu Malik kaa sketch laaye hein aur gaana Kailash kher kaa gaa rahe hein" uuffff... I got shocked completely..I really could not digest this. I understood, its not at all a singing audition show...its something else where people are judging, which song you are singing rather than how are you singing. I was really disappointed and fed up too. Anyway, I gave that sketch to that lady and asked her to give it to Anu Malik. She promised me that she would handover to Anu Ji...I am not sure, Anu Ji got that sketch or not. It was really a very bad experience but at the same time it's a nice learning.

My suggestion to all curious people who all want to become an Indian Idol is to make some relations with Anu Malik or Bollywood biggies rather wasting their time and money simply going in audition. At the same time my appeal to all people who all are involved in organizing this show is to stop playing with emotions of real talent.

Your comments are most welcome on his sketch and the experience what I went through!

Love to all,
Atul Ojhal