Monday, September 8, 2014

Asha Bhosle (Bollywood Playback Singer)

Extremely sorry for this unwanted delay friends ! This post after a long time. Though I kept posting my works and updates through other media but I know some of you were eagerly waiting for me here too. I shall increase my post frequency here. I have created a Facebook page Atul's Sketchings. You could join me there too.

This post is being written on a very special day, birthday of none other than 'Padma Vibhushan' Asha Bhosle Ji. She has sung thousands of songs in various languages in 81 years of her glorious life. She was officially acknowledged by the "Guinness book of world records" for the most recorded artist couple of years ago. She was awarded "Dadasaheb Phalke Award" in 2000 and Padma Vibhushan in 2008. I am pretty sure she would receive Bharat Ratna also very soon !

I have sent her this portrait through electronic media and received her blessings too. I wanted to meet her but could not plan it because of my parents bad health. I shall do it when time permits.

I will post next post soon. Till then share this post as much as possible, join my FB page Atul's Sketchings and invite your friends there. Stay Calm and cool my pals :-) May God Bless you All !!

Love & Regards,
Atul Ojhal


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Pt. Bhimsen Joshi ( Hindustani Classical Vocal Maestro )

Sorry for this delay guys. I am really late this time. Backache got aggravated once again. I had to reschedule all meetings with legends. Otherwise I would have shared those glimpses with you all. But no worries, it will happen soon.

Let me share my past related to this post. We did not have television at our home. We all brothers and sister insisted our father to buy a TV. Those days B. R. Chopda's 'Mahaabhaarat' serial was becoming very famous. And one more thing was grabbing attention. The song "Mile Sur Mera Tumhara" sung by Pandit Bhimsen Joshi and some other vocalist. But the voice of Pandit Ji touched my heart a lot. This was the first time I knew him and heard. Through out these years I used to keep humming this song. Though I scheduled him to sketch quite a long time back but got time now.

I would like to share one more story with you all. Few years ago I was sharing very precious time with Bhimsen Ji's students and colleagues. One among them shared this one. One day Pandit ji's concert was scheduled. He had to perform. But he was caught by cold and cough. Most of the organizers thought that today he would not be able to perform. Even he was reluctant to do so. But you know what happened to him suddenly. He asked to bring some green chillies. Once he got a handful, he kept all in his mouth and chewed. Yes, he chewed those chillies and came out to stage. He performed and got more appreciation than any other performances. So he was such kindaa person... "हिम्मत मर्दे तो मदद ख़ुदा "

I would like to appeal all Indians to go for voting in this election going to held over two months. Thats the only right we have...come on guys, go and vote for India ! I would encourage all of you to send only good candidates to the parliament. I have composed a slogan to encourage voters to vote. It is below.

"हमारा देश विकसित होगा तभी, जब मतदान को जायेंगे सभी"

Please do let me know your feedback on this art work. Now a days Navaraatey are running. Today is a second day. We worship Maa Brihmcharini this day. May this feminine eternal force bless us all with peace, love and humanity !

I will try to come as soon as possible. Till then be calm and cool. And once again "Vote for India" ! :)  

Regards & Love
Atul Ojhal


Sunday, February 9, 2014

Kiran Bedi ( First Woman IPS )

Eternal feminine force Maa Durga is known to be the first woman of this universe. She is the nature and a creator of everything what we see, what we hear and what we speak. Without nature even Supreme can not produce anything. Though nature is been created by Supreme only. Women are the creator of our society. They bear the pain of this creation. They are in form of mother, sister and wife. They are the actual nation builder. They are the primary teacher of every child produced. That is the reason they are the most respectable creation of Almighty. It becomes our prime duty to offer our prayers to the eternal feminine force and deepest regards to women on this planet.

I have unparalleled regards to my mother and mothers of everyone. I was her child and now she is my child ! She is going to turn 63 years this year. I keep my hand on her shoulder and say, my child is grown up and 3 years old. She laughs :-) ...I love her smile, I love taking care of her, I try to fulfill her desire, I just enjoy serving her...One day she was watching Kiran Bedi Ji's interview on TV. She asked me about her. I told my mother that she was the very first women IPS. She dared to take decision of joining Indian Police Service at the time when women were not allowed to study itself. My statements echoed with in. Words strikes me and inspired me for drawing her on my canvas. I started and completed the above work.

Kiran Bedi Ji has lots of awards and accolades in her bag. She has been a role model for many youngsters especially girls for many years. She has always been against crime and criminals. Even after her retirement, she continued her service for public and mankind. She joined Anna Hazare for Jan Lokpal aandolan. And still continues her support for the party who works for India's development and could give an stable government for the nation. She runs an NGO in Delhi named "India Vision Foundation".

I have shared my work with Kiran Ji through mail. She has liked it. I would present her this work in my next visit to Delhi.

I would come soon with portrait of another personality soon. Till then you stay healthy, calm and wise !

Love & Regards,
Atul Ojhal  

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Narendra Modi ( A committed leader )

A child since his childhood inclined to spiritualism. The intensity increases as he grows. He used to share most of the time with religious mendicants. His family gets tensed to see his inclination. They started thinking about his marriage. It did happen and he got married to a girl. Still his interest keeps the same virtuous thoughts. Family folks and his relatives creates a pressure on accepting the marriage life. Despite this pressure his interest remain unchanged. Instead of going for the married life he opted the Supreme once again. He left home and reached to Himalaya. He spent some three years there. One day he returned back home with an intention of dedicating his whole life to the nation. Yes, he did that and still could carry the same motive with an immatchable will power. The child was none another than you see in the above sketch, PM candidate for 2014 elections Gujrat CM Shri Narendra Modi. He is being very popular with the name NaMo !

The kind of success he has achieved in 10-12 years serving Gujrat's people as a Chief Minister is been remarkable and doesn't require any note here. It would be quite enough to say in few words that he completely transformed the state to world class level. Gujrat became best performer in most of the departments whether its electricity, water, infra structure, education, etc..

There had been a strong desire to sketch Modi Ji for a long time. I am very much impressed with his public persona. The way he is running state, the way he speaks with his team mates and the way he gives speeches make me speechless. I don't see which party he is coming from, I don't know which caste he belongs to and I really don't want to know though. I see an angel in him whom Almighty sent for mankind and welfare.

Today is Makar Sankranti. I wish you all a very happy Makar Sankranti and all other festivals being celebrated all over the country. Lets offer our prayers to Soorya Narayan for going Uttarayan and give some relief from this chilling cold in north India....just strikes few words and I woven them into couple of lines..

उजियाले न रहे भ्रान्ति, हो जब जनहित क्रांति / 
  सूर्य आते ही 'मकर' में, मनने लगे पर्व 'संक्रांति' //

गुड में मिलाओ तिल, खाके खिल जायेंगे दिल /
          मंजा चरखी ले छत पे, उड़ाओ पतंग सब मिल // - AOD

This year 2014 is very important for all Indians. We are going to have Lok Sabha elections this year. Vote is a right for every citizen. So we must use it and send the right and honest person to assembly. I would request and appeal to each one of you for using your right and vote for India !

I will come soon with my new post soon. Till then you all be thoughtful and conscious of your choice !

Love & Regards,
Atul Ojhal