Friday, July 29, 2011

Bismillah Khan (Shahnai Maestro)


So here I am with my next post. A post with a sketch of Shahnai Maestro 'Ustad Bismillah Khan'. Initially he was known with the name 'Qamaruddin'. Later on his Grand father's will, his name was kept 'Bismillah'. 'Bismillah' and his instrument 'Shahnai', both were coupled like moon and moonlight. He only brought this instrument into influence in classical music. For his incredible contribution to Indian classical music he was awarded 'Bharat Ratna', a highest civilian honor in India, in 2001. 'Shahnai' is an instrument which reflects happiness and sorrow in a very distinct manner, can be identified very easily by anyone. And he was the master of this art. He sometimes used to ask people, what do you want tears in your eyes or a lovely smile on your face and the result also used to be as asked. That effective, his performance used to be always. He concentrated only on 'Shahnai' and played for almost 8 decades.

While sketching him I also wanted the same effectiveness in his sketch. You could see his expressions while playing 'Shahnai'. Hope I could draw my imagination on sheet. He wrote his name in Golden Letters in Hindustani classical music and I wrote his name in my sketch in gold like beautiful shiny language 'Urdu', his mother tongue. He passed away in 2006 but he is still living in millions of people all around the world. Though we all have to leave this world one day, a only truth of life but his soul is immortal and can be felt in his music today too. I composed a poetry on this life's phenomena sometime ago. Sharing you few lines from the same below:

"ना रहता कोई निशाँ इंसानों का धरा पर, बस रह जाता उनकी यादों का बसेरा है
अन्धकार के नौ माह, प्रकाश में जीवन उतार चढाव के संग, फिर वही अँधेरा है "

I might give an update on my next music album in my next post. Till then good bye. May God bless you all !

Best Regards to All My Loved Ones,
Atul Ojhal


  1. PORTRAIT IS VERY EXPRESSIVE & POETRY IS VERY IMPRESSIVE ! Atul ji, please keep doing it...ab aapki arts ka intejar rahta hai....


  2. gazab dha diye sarkar, tum zarur koi allah ke faristhtey ho har portarit mein jaan daal di hai bhai

    -abcdefg :)

  3. great atul are 1 of the very fine artist I hav seen....kamal karte ho ap pane hathooo s ....

  4. Thanks Nitin for your words in appreciation !! ...thanks to anonymous admirer too :)

  5. such a wonderful art. there is a great depth in each and every detail. Loved it..


  6. touchy work both portrait and poetry, too good !!