Saturday, April 9, 2011

My debut music album - Nau Din Mata Ke

First of all my apologies to you all. There is no post in last two months. In fact I did not get chance to sketch also. So there is no new art work in this post. I was busy with my first music album production. It is devotional and dedicated to "Maa Durge". By God grace Its released world wide. It is up and selling on a bunch of sites. Here are the few I am sharing with you all.

For album production details and song's themes, you could visit my another blog site-

Find the best price among all these links and download my album. Do forward this post to your friends and colleagues. Your comment and suggestion are most welcome on my debut album.

In next post, I will try to come with new art work. Till then, enjoy my music work, my devotional album "Nau din mata ke".

Atul Ojhal

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