Friday, November 11, 2011

Meeting with former President of India A.P.J.Abdul Kalam

Ahh...most awaited dreamy moments came true on 09th Nov when I met honorable real hero of our nation former President of India A.P.J.Abdul Kalam. I completed his portrait last year only and posted on my blog too. But I did not get chance to meet him personally and present my art work. Finally that time came and I got chance to meet him. It was such a nice feeling to hear appreciation from none another than Missile Man of India. I really adore those moments. Few clicks from the meet.

Kalam sahab appreciated the art and commented saying that "your art gives happiness". Thanks a lot Kalam sahab for this appreciation and accepting my art work. May you live longer and keep motivating and inspiring the whole nation. May your dream come true and India become a developed country by 2020. We all are with you in this mission.

For seeing this sketch on my blog. Please click on this below given link.

I will come soon with my new work and next update. Till then good bye and take care all !

Love & Regards,
Atul Ojhal


  1. proud of you bro !!


  2. portrait & you both shining U :)


  3. This is one of your best arts Ojhal Ji.

    Kalaam ko Salaam !!

  4. I have been sending you mails on ur gmail id but you nvr responded back. I sent you greetings also on ur b'day there is no response for that too till now. Plsssssssssssss replyyyyyyyyyy


  5. I have seen your all sketchings. They all are simply amazing. Gr8 work. Keep rocking !!