Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Welcome 2014

One more year comes to its end. Couple of hours to go and its 2014 ! I wish each one of you a very happy new year. May Almighty bless us with prosperity of humanity, peace, health and love. I thank all of you who all were in touch with me through out the year with their comments and feedback on my posts.

Its been little tough year for me. My mother and father both went under surgery. I was lucky to get chance to serve them. The whole span of time fell between my transition from engineering to arts. Most of the time I had to stay in my home town. I got chance to meet couple of legends this year. I met Sarod Maestro Padma Vibhushan Ustad Amjad Ali Khan Saheb in May and presented my art work, his portrait. The other meet was with Kathak Maestro Padma Vibhushan Pt. Birju Maharaj Ji in November. Both the meetings were fabulous and full of blessings and learnings !

I have composed a small poetry with three stanzas. Couple of  messages are hidden in these lines. Please find them below.

फिर एक नया साल आने को है ,
उन्नती की नयी आशाओं से भरा /

हो भरा शांति और सद्भावना से ,
ओत प्रोत हो ईश्वर साधना से /
सोच के नए आयाम बदलते रहें , 
पुण्य उदय हो और पाप ढलते रहें / 
तभी शायद खुश होगी ये माँ धरा , 

उन्नती की नयी आशाओं से भरा / 
फिर एक नया साल आने को है //

हमें द्वेष का भेष बदलना होगा ,
कातिल ईर्ष्या का दोष कुचलना होगा / 
और मसलना होगा कुरीतियों को ,
पुत्री जन्म पर उठतीं कुप्रीतियों को / 
तभी माँ बहिन का मन होगा हरा , 

उन्नती की नयी आशाओं से भरा /
फिर एक नया साल आने को है //

हमारे उत्थान को स्वस्थ राष्ट्र हो , 
सम्भव तभी यदि नायक सुपात्र हो / 
ये जिम्मेदारी हर जन को निभानी होगी , 
इस खुमार की बेशुमारी हर मन में होगी / 
तभी देश को छोड़ेगी भ्रष्टाचार सी जरा , 

उन्नती की नयी आशाओं से भरा /
         फिर एक नया साल आने को है // - AOD

Enjoy new year celebration with full of enthusiasm. May you keep the same spirit through out the year 2014. 

I will come up with new post soon. Till then live your life to the utmost !

Regards & Love,
Atul Ojhal

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  1. Happy new year to you too ! ...best wishes for your parents recovery. love you !

    ~ pahichano ? ;)