Saturday, June 22, 2013

Meeting with Ustad Amjad Ali khan

Thanks for your continuous love and support . I adore your adorable true comments and feedback on my art works. I really appreciate the appreciation and criticism. Since both gives the lesson. In my last post you enjoyed portrait of none another than legendary Padma Vibhushan Ustad Amajad Ali Khan Saheb. And this post contains my meeting with him.

Ayaan Ali Khan, a son and a disciple of the maestro himself helped me setting up the this meet. Many thanks to Ayaan bhai but I missed him only in this meet. I met Ustad ji and Amaan bhai at residence in Delhi and presented my art work to maestro himself. Amaan bhai was into practice session. I joined him for couple of minutes and then back to in aura of Maestro. Below pics are witnessing the event.

We had a nice conversation on how to keep improving dignity of our nation through the field of arts, music and literature. The maestro was not happy with what kinda support government provide to artists ! Recently, he has released book on his father written by him only. I discussed this in my last post also. The book name is "My Father, Our Fraternity". He promised me to send one copy of this to my home address. In the mean time we had a chat on our sanskar and sanskriti also. And he was unhappy with new culture and trends. I recited a poetry which I composed in his excellence. Here are few lines from the same...

उत्कृष्ट संगीत संग तरंगमय जीवन आपका ,
अपने बुजुर्गों की रची रचना से घिरा चहुँ ओर है /

वो होंगे जहां भी बहुत खुश होंगे ज़रूर आपसे ,
जैसे बादलों की गडगडाहट संग नाचता मोर है /

देश विदेश के चहेते हैं आप अयान और अमान ,
मधुर सरोद स्वतारों से हर दिल की बांधे डोर है /

रहमत बरसे खुदा की आजीवन आपके आँगन में ,  
           ओझल की ओझल से इस गुहार का मच रहा शोर है // - AOD

Mother is still not well. She is recovering after such a prolonged illness. Its been really incredible finding by Medical Science. I appreciate the doctors faculty of SGPGI, Lucknow. Its all wishes and blessings of my well wishers only that she has started moving couple of steps. Its a sigh of relief after an year span of time. Now, Its relaxing and reason of smile on my family's faces. :-)

My prayers with all who are still struggling to save their lives after such a horrible cloud burst in Uttarakhand. Very appreciable effort is being done by the rescue team. I salute them !!

Love & Regards to All,


  1. dropping by from BIGB's blog...great work. Congrats genius :)

  2. just saw your link on FB ..what a fantastic work. Congrats buddy !!!


  3. in love with your sketches my darling :) ...enjoyed your poetry also. GBU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ~ Anonymous ;)

  4. Another excellent work and keep up your artistry! ~ Chandru

  5. Thanks a lot Anand and Chandru for your affection and appreciation !

  6. Cool dude , Its Awesome work ...................

  7. you are blessed to grab blessings from these Maestros. keep up the spirit Ojhal Ji !!

    ~team MZ

  8. Thank team MZ.

    There is a good news for all Ustad Amjad Ali Khan Saheb's fans and well wishers. He is going to be honored with "Rajiv Gandhi National Sadbhavna Award". I am extremely happy to share with my well wishers. :)