Friday, June 5, 2009

Kishore Kumar (The Legend)

This blog especially for Kishore Da's fans. He is not alive but he still lives in his music and in our hearts. He was eccentric, very human, romantic, a versatile singer and a man of different moods! His "Golden Voice" gave us so many songs that are beyond par excellence. The incomparable Kishore kumar was born on Aug 4, 1929 and passing away on Oct 13, 1987 left a void that could never be filled. Here I would like to share my experience while sketching him- I never felt I am sketching a personality who is not at all among us. We really miss you "Kishore Da".

Your comments are most welcome on his sketch!

~Atul Ojhal


  1. Work on hands looks very real, nice sketch!!


  2. Good skecth.... After knowing Kishore Kumar, how can I keep quiet by not listening to his music.

  3. Very good sketch........ After seeing this , how can I be quiet without listening to his music